this is my taste in women

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some things I underlined in A Sport and a Pastime, by James Salter, a book worth reading, without having a pencil all the time I was reading

as if a huge deck of images is being shuffled

begin quite naturally to talk. We walk along together. I watch her closely as she speaks. I can tell she is interested in me, I am circling her like a shark. Suddenly I realize: it will be her. Yes, I’m sure of it. I’m going to meet her. Of course, I’m a little drunk, a little reckless, and in an amiable condition that lets me see myself destined as her lover, coming into her life with perfect ease.

I am the pursuer.

The sum of small acts

life is like a game of solitaire and every once in a while there is a move

I am creating him out of my own inadequacies

My blood jumps.

No matter what he does, he cannot commit it to memory. [about seeing a lover naked]

His devotion is complete; he is beginning to sense the confusion that arises from the first fears of what life would be like without her.   
thought I was kinda over hair color.
nvm, brunettes rule.   
summer is for olive-skinned women in white linen.   

Brit Marling, The Lab Magazine, Issue 6, 2012.