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does anyone remember how cool Garden State felt to us suburban kids
fireplaces! Such Great Heights (omg, the Postal Service is changing my life)! adventures in hardware stores!
this movie is what my longtime high school crush put on in her basement as an excuse for us to be alone and make out for the first time.   
still a favorite movie.
her love story spends 20 minutes on screen but it feels so epic
the music helps   
old thoughts   
goddamn Pete.   
9. oh, so that “flash forward” was in fact not to the climax of the episode. I retract my disappointment expressed as number 2. this show continues to be more clever than other things on TV.
10. wtf is Peggy wearing.
11. based on that girl’s line about cool musicians living together in “the Village” “right off St. Mark’s place” I got a feeling that whoever writes this show either doesn’t know much about New York (seems highly unlikely) or  has a preference for including the well-known over the most historically accurate. was St. Mark’s even cool in, like, the early 70s? (side thought: what year is the show in, exactly, now? I don’t think there have been any obvious tells this episode.) I looked it up on wikipedia and there is no ready answer there but apparently the Rolling Stones filmed a video on the stoop of a St. Mark’s building in 1981, so St. Mark’s had to be mainstream cool by 1981. I guess that jibes with it being up-and-coming/hip/young/exciting/new in the early 70s.
by the way, that stretch of St. Mark’s before you get to 1st Ave has to be my least favorite part of Manhattan right after the whole Times Square area and the blocks around Rockefeller Center where it’s impossible to walk anywhere because half of the sidewalk is occupied by street vendors selling hideous art and the other half is occupied by people walking glacially because they’re actually looking at it. it’s seedy as fuck over there, on that stretch of St. Mark’s.
did you know: on google street view you can walk right the fuck into this restaurant on St. Mark’s? huh?? you can catch a frame of SportsCenter back by the kitchen. wild. pretty soon Google Earth is going to turn the entire populated world into a really boring Myst clone.   
update at 15m
5. the actress who plays Sally is growing up. the most obvious bit is that her voice changed. that was unexpected. it’s a drastic change. I hear relatively little about female voice changes in adolescence.
6. is there anything more painful than watching an actor fake playing an instrument while sound produced by a professional musician is dubbed over? really bad. it’s worse when the imitation is good, but you can still notice it’s fakery because you play or used to play or know someone who plays the instrument. in that case you sense the bad dub but also feel like an over-cultured prick for doing so.
7. is this whole episode going to be glamor shots of Megan in a new outfit for every scene? I am on board.
8. I don’t follow Francis’s wealth. there’s been no indication in the show (to my recollection) that he has ever been successful in anything but politics. working in the mayor’s office does not buy that house. maybe it’s family money. his mother is precisely that fat old elitist hag character that’s  part of every TV or movie family with old wealth.   
what a fucking great show this is.
I think I’m now three or four minutes in and I have some thoughts.
1. pretty sure that Don has yet to utter a word in the episode, despite several scenes’ screen time. instead he is just sitting around chain smoking in a well-cut (the pattern matching around the shoulders is mediocre though—I just checked) linen jacket while Megan (never know if it’s with an h) operates. this is a dream in so many ways. one of the best dates I’ve been on we ran into a stuffy guy I barely new on a date of his own at the bar, and the table arrangement there would have made it rude not to sit together. I was concerned I’d have to be an aggressive conversationalist instead of leaning back and having a couple martinis while chatting idly and mostly gawking at my date, as I’d expected to be able to do (it was like a 4th date). but my date was this quite brilliant, confident, and charming woman and she took over the table. it was delightful. maybe I wrote about it here. this thing Don is doing in these four minutes is relatable and good.
2. kind of disappointed that the show started out with a “flash forward” to what was presumably the climax of the episode. this structure (I’m sure there is a name for it) is played out in TV shows and it strikes me as pandering to viewers who don’t have the patience to watch a linear plot unfold.
3. I hope that Megan’s career success plays out in a more interesting way than Don being envious.
4. everything that Megan wears is to die for. nice beach cover-up, nice backless dress, nice lingerie.   
what a babe.   
here is how you hold an iPhone if a producer decides the Apple logo shouldn’t get screen time.   
digging House of Cards 
Kate Mara is fit af
isn’t this up-and-coming crafty reporter character kind of trite in political dramas though?
I have a way bigger crush on Russo’s secretary. Russo, get your shit together and give her a real shot. (brb watching more to see if this happens.)